Pharberry AB - Bilberry Whole Food Supplement Manufacture in Sweden

Pharberry AB (HQ: Sweden) products are manufactured by a factory which has been certified by the World Health Organization (WHO) and ratified by the EU directive and Drug Administration, Sweden (Medical Products. Agency: MPA) from pharmaceutical GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice = Good Manufacturing Code)

Swedish Medicines Agency ※ (Medical Products Agency: MPA) and

This authority is responsible for drug approval. Responsibilities of the Office of pharmaceuticals, medical institutions and patients, is to take advantage of high-quality pharmaceuticals safely and with excellent efficacy.

 GMP manufacturing factory approved ratification;

World Health Organization World Health Organization (WHO) 
[PDF] EU Directive European Directive 2003/94 EEC

bilberry blueberry whole foods chewable tablet supplement from Sweden

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and

GMP, the rule was adopted in the United States since the 1960s for drugs, etc. At present, plants which require high quality, accreditation has been mandated by the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.

Pharberry AB, Sweden headquarters, is always ensuring quality and safety to strengthen the production structure, to produce safe and secure high-quality products now and in the future.