bilberry blueberry whole foods chewable tablet supplement from Sweden

ConnectEast HB (the forerunner of Pharberry AB) has been working with Swedish bilberries since 2004. In 2005, ConnectEast had seminars with Japanese companies together with the Swedish embassy in Tokyo. In 2006, ConnectEast invited our Japanese sales agent to Sweden. In 2007, the support to SIK resulted in the start up of the Biotech berry project. In 2010, the first product of Pharberry AB was launched.

Pharberry AB (Pharberry Co, Ltd)

  • Name: Pharberry AB

Japan Office

  • Name: Pharberry Japan Co, Ltd
  • Address: Yuni Roppongi 7F, Roppongi 7-15-17, Minato ku, 106-0032 Tokyo Japan

Agent and support team for Japanese market


About Biotech berry project.

We have noticed that Northern Sweden need support to promote its precious resources towards world since 95% of its bilberry is not picked at all and there is a large demand on Swedish bilberries, especially in Japan, which is the largest market for bilberry supplements.

Thus in 2005, we started to make effort to start a project to promote Swedish bilberries. As an example, we invited Japanese companies to present promising Japanese bilberry market to convince Swedish industries. We wrote a great part of the application documents etc. Such a project needed, however, an organization behind, thus it was decided that SIK, which is a part of SP (governmental technical research institution in Sweden) was to be the formal applicant. By our effort, this project has successfully been ongoing  since 2007.

"Without great support from ConnectEast HB, the Biotech berry project would never have started" says the project manager of Biotech berry.